Our company is aware that continuous development and sustainability in accordance with its vision and mission can only be realized with sincere and qualified human resources.

For this reason, our human resources policy has been shaped under the following headings:

To ensure that our Open Door policy is maintained in all our companies,
To involve our employees in our processes with a transparent, equal and participatory management approach,
To show an approach in accordance with the Quality Policies and standards,
To encourage being sensitive and participatory about occupational safety,
Designing, implementing and evaluating all training programs from the lowest to the highest position by placing education at the center of development,
To maintain the right person for the right job, the right business policy for the right person at all levels,
To continuously develop the organizational structure that can adapt quickly to changes and development,
To design, establish, develop and operate sub-systems of a continuously learning corporate structure,
To bring the problem-solving skills of the employees to the highest levels with solution-oriented approaches,
Adopting, participating and encouraging the Social Responsibility Concept and Projects in all practices,
To further strengthen our nature-friendly and nature-friendly employee profile.